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  Training Centre and Training in the Techniques of Tunnel Intervention
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Due to very modern design, this centre is able to welcome several trainees with a very good level of comfort.

Classroom : it is equipped with the latest communication and training supports (video projector, video recorder, DVD, camera and digital camera…).
Most of the training is carried out using CD ROM and various educational aids.

Cloakrooms and available equipment : men and women’s cloakrooms- showers - cardio frequency meters - individual respiratory apparatus (IRA) - individual masks - radios…
An air compressor breathable with cylinder plug that
enables the I.R.A. cylinders to be filled up.

Physical warm-up room : treadmill and ladder, enabling trainees to work the muscles before starting the fire exercises.

Intervention rooms : cleaning and recuperation after exercise by ultrasound tank, intervention equipment, in the respect of hygiene regulations.

The trainers : fire instructors from the safety department of the Fréjus Tunnel, holders of the FPS, CFAPSE, CFAPSR, D.S.A., FOR 1, FOR 2, first aid Instructors,
I.R.A. Instructors, supported operational activities…

CFETIT - Tunnel du Fréjus - 73500 Modane
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