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- The first, in the form of a labyrinth course enabling each trainee to acquire experience using individual respiratory apparatus (I.R.A.).

This course can be modified when required
(in difficulty and distance).

- The second, in a genuine and rebuilt tunnel, called « the fire tunnel »  where trainees carry out numerous fire extinction exercises, hydrocarbon fire ,
rear end lorry fire, car fire, roll over, evacuation of road-users to two constructed shelters, putting in place safety measures, survival techniques… in a hot and smoky environment. All fires are started using propane gas.

The environment in which the trainee works in is identical to a real tunnel, ventilation, oke clearing, SOS recess,
fire posts, direction markers, electrical boxes, road signs and traffic lights…

Everything is taken into consideration
so that the trainee is able to discover an environment he will be able to evolve and train in.

The simulator can be modified when required (SOS recess, ventilation, signs, fire hoses…), to effectively represent the working environment for the trainee.

Sound recordings are made, giving vivacity to various training scenarios.

Progressiveness, safety and interest are essential elements in the contents of the teaching programme that is offered.

The training programmes are adaptable, taking into consideration the technical levels of trainees.

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