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  Training Centre and Training in the Techniques of Tunnel Intervention
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This professional training centre is situated on the French platform of the Fréjus tunnel. It is able to welcome specialist trainees throughout the year (tunnel operators, both public or private emergency services, underground construction site personnel, industrialists…).

It can be used as a technical setting and test centre for fire equipment or safety equipment suppliers, for personnel or underground work. The setting up of partnerships
through training or testing agreements.

It has a technical infrastructure of more than 600 m²,
so that different fire type situations can be recreated.

The rapidity of the response, progression within a hot and smoky environment, the use of
thermal imaging cameras, extinction techniques, teamwork,
and the organization of assistance are all taught here.
Deux zones de formation

Fires and different scenarios can either complement one another or be combined.From the simplest to the most complicated, trainees are put into situations of both professional and operational reality.

The mastering of reactions, evacuation or the rescue of people in difficulty within a totally smoke-filled and hot environment, such as a road tunnel, requires
an excellent level of teaching and regular training.

Reasons to attend this professional training centre.

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